Tuesday, 21 April 2015

WTF SHOULD I LOOK AT #1: SIT YOUR ASS DOWN (introductory welcome)

Hey, what's up, and howdidly doodily? Welcome, to Bored-No-More, my premium source for all things entertainment, made for YOU, from someone who loves to entertain and be entertained. I hope you all develop an unhealthy addiction to this section of the Internet.

This website was started to share my own interests and to share exciting things when you're thinking, "what the f*ck should I look at?". I also felt I had a duty to grace the Internet with my presence. (You're welcome, Internet.) 

Here you'll find tons of ideas and thoughts on films, books, travel and photography and more, to keep you entertained for hours upon hours, days upon days, so you can find what drives you to get up each day. I hope you'll be inspired and you'll laugh at my self-deprecating sense of humour. Hopefully I won't get fired from this job, but we'll see. (<-- example number one of a joke I'll probably regret later)

So stay tuned readers, get ready to dig in and I'm so glad you're joining me! Grassy-ass. 
Signing out,
Bored-No-More self-elected President and CEO